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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Do you love marijuana? We here at Joint Effort certainly do. Our corner of the internet has almost everything a beginner or advanced grower might need to learn or acquire. Here are just a few of the services or perks of this website. Perhaps most importantly we have Lot, a page dedicated to knowing everything about specific strains. We offer Free classes for each stage of a plants life cycle. Weekly blogs and videos are also guaranteed. A discussions forum will be available to anyone who has a question about the legal cultivation or use marijuana without the need of signing up. Want to place an ad? We have openings. And last but not least our Shop is our store that lists all of the best products ranked from best to most affordable per cost.


Not only do we post weekly videos and blogs talking about caring for a marijuana plant, but we also offer free courses detailing each stage of a cannabis plant. And its all for FREE! Germination/cloning, vegetation, and flowering phase will be gone over in depth. This way you never have to feel nervous about your plants health. Have any questions? Message our team or post a public question on our discussion forum about any marijuana topic.


Weekly blogs and videos! Our team will be sharing advice we have acquired or learned. These weekly updates will give you insight into how we personally grow our marijuana, as well as any mistakes we have made getting here. Videos and articles about new or specific strains as well as a deeper look into the effects it has on people. We promise to give an unbiased opinion on all products so you have the best chance of buying what's best for you.

Discussion Forum

This is a place where anyone can ask a question about the legal cultivation or use of marijuana without the need of signing up. Ask or answer any question any question you have! if it's about weed then you are in the right place.


Here we have all of the most reliable growing equipment neatly put in one place. Equipment is ranked from best per cost to most affordable. Everything from ratchet ropes to the soil you put in your pots. Our shop shows it all! Look at any category and find the equipment that works best YOUR home.

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