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Autoflower Vs Photo period

Basic Information

Everyone is ultimately going to their own decision on which they like the best. That is why I'll provide as much base information as possible so you can accurately make that choice. Autoflower means that they don't require a set amount of light in order to go into flowering. Unlike photo periods, autoflowers can live under 24 hours of light. Although it should be noted that both plants need a rest period of between 4-6 hours per day. This means they cannot take up any or use any more light in that time. While feminized Photo seeds do have a higher chance of becoming hermaphrodites, Autoflowers have an even higher chance of turning from stress.

While both plants are sensitive in their own ways, ultimately I think photoperiods are easier but take longer. Many people believe you can't get a pound from an autoflower, this is untrue. Beginner growers will not see that result but if you take your time and learn autoflowers can give great yields. For a list of pro’s and con’s please look below.

Pro’s and Con’s


Pro- Faster harvest, easy for beginners, no need for lights with timers, less hassle/easier growing, size is easily managed, and to top it off light leaks are also not a problem.

Cons- Shorter veg time generally means smaller harvest, Short window for recovery if they are damaged, And tends to be higher in CBD.


Pros- Not as sensitive as autoflowers, longer recovery window, Bigger yield, Able to clone more plants, Veg as long as wanted, And of course higher THC content.

Cons- Plants are slightly harder to maintain, Have to manually induce flowering, and sadly take longer from seed to harvest.

While everything in the lists above is worthy of its own paragraph, i dont believe it is needed in this article. If you would like them explained more please message me and I'd be happy to go further in depth. I hope you’ve learned enough information to Feel a bit more comfortable with the cloning process. As always if you think I missed something any feedback is appreciated.

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