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How to Clone Marijuana?

No More Seeds!

What Are Clones?

Cloning is when you take a healthy cutting from a mother plant and grow an exact genetic replica. Cloning is an easy easy way to guarantee your plant is a female (assuming the mother plant is female). Clones also do not need as much veg time as seeds because they are partially grown. While it is possible to plant and grow a bare clone cutting, there are many tools which make it far more efficient.

How to clone Cannabis?

The first thing you want to do is pick which plant you want to be the mother plant and let it grow as many branches as possible for a few weeks. Stop feeding nutrients to the mother plant a week before you take the cuttings. The day before and of taking the cutting’s, spray the mother plant lightly with water. Next find a Branch with at least 3 nodes(Bump where leaves and branches can form) and 3-4 inches of length. At a 45 degree cut the plant below the third node. Trim the bottom leaves of the cutting. Scrape the bottom/sides so the rooting process takes faster. Dip the cutting in the rooting gel or powder. Make sure it is thoroughly covered and then stick in wet soil or rockwool. Soak rockwool in 6-6.5PH water 24 hours before use.

Clip the edges of the top leaves so the plant knows to focus on rooting. Now the clones will sit in a humid dome with 16/8hr of light for 7-10 days until the roots are strong enough to transplant to a larger pot. Water when soil is dry and you will have an identical plant to the one you started with.

Material List Needed

-A thin blade or pair of trimmers


-Humidity Dome

-An LED/HID light powerful enough for each clone

-Spray bottle

-PH down & up as well as ph meter

-Healthy mother plant

I hope this article has helped you understand the cloning process a little bit better. There are many more ways of accomplishing this although there aren't as many as straightforward and simple. Thank you for reading this far and if you enjoyed the read check out some of our other content at our blogs Home page.

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