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What Pot For Your Pot?

Cloth or Plastic?

That is the question we all ask ourselves our first time growing and anytime you might decide to switch it up. Which pot will keep my marijuna the healthiest? It’s a great question to ask and one that people still debate. While I'm sure people have been very successful with other pot’s, I will only be covering these two in this article.

I’ll start right off by saying that cloth pots are my personal favorite. I will start with cloth pots first and if you agree you can stop reading, if you don’t I'll have plenty of benefits for the other pots as well.

Cloth pots


  • Cloth pots have a lot of great benefits. They allow for water drainage in over watered areas, they also have great water retention.

  • Cloth pots give the roots plenty of oxygen as well.

  • Water drainage is an important thing, you don't want salt buildup in the bottom of pots.

  • Affordable

  • Comes in many sizes and shapes


What’s a list without a few cons as, right?

  • If you don't buy a ring to go around the rim and bottom, they tend to lose a perfect circular shape

  • Reusable but with great effort



  • Affordable

  • Easily reusable

  • Holds shape great

  • Keeps roots going in the correct direction

  • Water retention could really go on pro or con but you can make holes in the bottom so its a pro in my book


  • If a cannabis plant is too big for a plastic pot they have a tendency to break or crack more.

  • Not as much oxygen makes it to the roots

  • No holes for extra salts and nutrients to runoff

  • Soil takes longer to dry as water doesn't drain

At the end of the day I come to the same conclusion, people have had quite successful yields with both of these pots. So there is no reason to stick to one. I’m sure most of you have or will have a preferred pot like I do, but experimenting with weed is one of the many reasons that I love growing marijuana.

If you made it this far thank you for reading, and if you'd like to read similar articles go check out our website's blog page. Have any questions or even thoughts on articles? Get a hold of us through the contact page and we will get back as soon as we can.

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