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Pressing Cannabis

Pressing your own cannabis can be very fun and exciting! It can be also be a bit stressful when it's not quite going your way. If you are curious how to easily press marijuana, be sure to read to the bottom!

Rosin guide

Rosin is the extracted material from marijuana using heat and pressure. This means that there are no additives or solvents making it one of the safest ways to make your own wax. You are able to do this at home with even a hair straightener. The hotter the press and the less pressure loses rosin content. 180°-220°F is an ideal temp to press your rosin.

Materials needed- Heat Press, Parchment Paper, flower or similar material, and a scraping tool

The ideal pressure lies between 500-1,000PSI. That is where you will see the max amount of quality wax. Too much pressure will lower your rosin quality with unwanted marijuana oils and contaminants. If your heat press is on the lower side of the pressure, then I suggest pressing your bud for longer. 190°F for 15 min on a low pressure heat press is a good starting point. Everyone will use different items so adjust accordingly and you can easily press your own wax.

I highly suggest buying some form of Mesh rosin bag . They allow you to press larger amounts without it falling out of the parchment paper. This is not a requirement to press but it does make the job a lot easier.

Shatter, Butter, And Other Extracts All From Rosin

When pressing flower you are generally left with a liquid like wax. This can be taken and turned into a number of different types of wax. The difference is all in the after care. Whipping can turn rosin from sticky wax to a loose butter or sugar. The process is exactly as it sounds, simply whip your rosin until you have the desired consistency. To make shatter you must heat the dabs back up after they are pressed and then flatten. There are several ways of doing this. Hair dryers work great and they only take seconds. Shatter does not require the same amount of heat and pressure that was used for rosin. Warming it up and pushing it down with your hand is plenty okay.

Using a heat press is arguably the safest way to extract wax. Rosin can be turned into almost any type of wax. All you need is parchment paper, heat, pressure, cannabis. Thank you for reading and if you’d like me to go further in depth into anything on this page feel free to contact us below.

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