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Indica or Sativa

Which Species is Best for You?


Have questions about what a certain species looks like or makes you feel? Read on and by the end of the article you will have a firm grasp on what cannabis species is best for you. One thing I will say right away is that for most people, there is no reason to pick either Indica or Sativa permanently. Both species have great qualities that make both unique. Each one is so similar and vastly different that it can be difficult to decide which to smoke or especially grow.

A lot of marijuana companies are starting to lean more towards hybrid strains. I don't think anyone is complaining either. And who would? Each strain has unique qualities that can't be found in the other. Mixing the two sounds like the best of both worlds and amazingly it really is. It should be noted some scientists believe you should not generalize strains. That is because of the many differences between certain strains of the same species.


Sativa gives an energizing high that is great for daytime use and most physical activities. On average sativa strains tend to be higher in THC content compared to Indica's. They also have larger, more airy buds.

Sativa originates from warmer areas making them grow taller and stretch out. This is also why they grow long thin fan leaves. Due to favoring warm weather Sativa's have been discovered in “southeast asia and central and south america”.

A few things some might consider downsides of sativa is it has less CBD than THC, it has lighter buds, longer grow times, and some report having anxiety with sativa based strains.

Sativa is known to cause relief for appetite loss, PTSD, headaches, nausea, and even depression.


Commonly known as “ind-a-couch” because they tend to have a relaxing and calming high. Indica is a better bet for people who feel anxiety with certain sativa strains. Indica buds grow smaller than the average sativa but also much more dense. That is one reason that commercial farmers seem to prefer Indica strains.

Indica’s generally grow to be a shorter, bushier plant. Indica strains have broad leaves and deep color. Many favor Indica for their rich, dense buds. The nodes generally grow much closer together compared to sativa strains due to size.. Top shelf Indica strains will generally have a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC making Indica more reliable for physical pain relief.

Cannabis Indica is believed to originate from Afghanistan or possibly Asia.

Some general effects of Indica include but are not limited to- tiredness, calming, pain relief, and also depression.

Both strains have such unique qualities that it's like comparing apples and oranges. They each have their own time to shine. If you learned something or enjoyed the article consider subscribing to the website. We upload content multiple times a week and are always happy to answer any questions.

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