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Growing Cannabis, Is It Worth It?

  • Is it Worth it to Grow Your Own Cannabis?

The answer is yes, absolutely. If you literally ask Google it will tell you that if you use more than 7 ounces per year, then it's worth it, as long as you can do it legally. Hopefully you can grow legally in your area, as I cannot condone or promote the breaking of laws. I always advise against living in regions plagued by ridiculousness. In order to answer this question thoroughly, I will need to touch on the many different aspects to consider. By the end of this article, you will know enough to make this decision for yourself.

I'm an optimist, let's start with the Pro's.

There's the obvious, "smack-you-in-your -face" benefit, the money saved. This is a factor that really needs its own article, which I will provide. To get a quick idea of how much savings you will see, first tell me, how much do you spend at the dispensary every week? Well don't tell me, I don't want to know about all of your personal debauchery. If you spend $50 per week that's $2,600 each year. If you spend more like $100 per week at the dispensary, that's over $5,000 annually! You don't have to invest anywhere near those amounts to grow yourself plenty, Mary Ganja. If you want a general break-down of investment expenses vs. expected return, you should read; Grow Investment vs Return. Another huge plus, you can control every single detail from nutrient selection to which strain you like best. This specific topic, the ability to control every aspect of your grow, requires lengthy discussion. I won't go into great detail here, but if you want to gain a better grasp, then you want to read an additional article titled; Controlling Every Detail of Your Grow. What's important are the advantages that can be gained by doing things your own way. When you control things like soil type, nutrient input, lighting, and air quality, you know exactly what you have at harvest. I absolutely support my state approved growers and dispensaries, but anything done on an industrial scale has its limits. I grew a tomato once, it tasted way better than the ones at the store, and it wasn't like biting through a Wiffle Ball. The same principal can apply to your smoke. More positive! My favorite part about being a cultivator, it's FUN! It's a lot of fun, and very interesting. If you have the type of mind that loves soaking up fun facts and details, you will find a trove of content to explore at Joint Effort. It's incredible how these plants can grow. Of course, watching the buds begin to form and grow and…….blossom, is extremely exciting. Harvesting and smoking it probably hit my top 5 as well. Personally, I enjoy building the structure of the plant during the vegetative phase. To put it simply, if you like herb, this is fun for you. Are you wondering, is there a secret to growing cannabis? Yes. The secret, is that it's easy to do. I promise it's not hard at all. You don't need a ton of equipment. You don't need any experience with gardening. Can you make mac-n-cheese using the provided set of instructions? If so, you can grow cannabis. Yes there are some challenges from time to time. This is where Joint Effort rolls in. Our goal is to identify and address any and all; topics, questions, decisions, challenges, solutions, etc. If you have a question, we will answer it. We will also tell you when we don't know, opposed to feeding you bullshit. Truthfully though, we've probably seen it, heard about it, or screwed it up ourselves. We can help you realize a successful grow. Since I started out with Pro's, I guess it only makes sense to come up with some Con's. They do exist, but they do not outweigh the positives. Anyone can save money growing their own herb. With that being said, it does require an initial investment. The money spent on month's worth of weed at dispensary prices can easily grow you a 6 month supply of the high quality flower of your choice. The level of detail involved in growing may seem intimidating. There are several decisions to be made and subjects to learn about. We will give you a simple list of what you will need, andsome basic instructions to guide you from start to finish. Or, if you prefer, we will dive as deep as you want, and explore the depths of The Dankness. If you've decided not to grow your own cannabis, then you most likely decided to stop reading already. If you've decided to grow, be warned, you might love it. You WILL benefit from it. Joint Effort will make sure you get there. At Joint Effort,

I'm Not Your Real Dad, but I'll be here with you as you grow. :D

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