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8 Mistakes Beginner Cultivators Should Avoid

Learn From Others Mistakes

Below I have listed common mistakes many growers make when they first start out. It is doubtful you would have all of these issue’s your first grow. however, it is more unlikely to not have any of these issues your first grow at all.

Nutrient Burn- Arguably the most common beginner mistake. Seedlings in nutrient rich soil do not need to be fed nutrients for the first 4-6weeks. Clones do not need nutrients for the first 3-5 weeks but I recommend closer to five. I also suggest starting your nutrients at half the recommended amount on the bottle to see how your plant reacts. Plants that are lacking in a certain nutrient are very visual about it. Check out my article on “Nutrient Deficiencies” to learn more.

Overwatering- Another risky mistake is flooding your plant’s and leaving no way to runoff and dry. There are many reasons this is bad for your plant including nutrient buildup, Algae, Pests, and lack of oxygen. Cloth or air breathable pots keep oxygen coming to the roots and allows excess water to drain.

Underestimating Temperature and Humidity Damage. This is a big one, temp and humidity play a vital role in how a plant grows and matures. Humidity needs to be higher in the seedling stage around 70-80%. Vegetative stage will be lowered to around 50-70%. Flowering stage prefers humidity even lower at 40-50%. The ideal temperature for all cycles of cannabis is from 70-85°F. Most growers agree the majority of plants thrive in 75°F.

Telling Too Many People/No Security- This one may seem obvious but many new growers make this mistake and end up paying for it. I don’t mean have guards 24/7, instead have cameras at obvious and hidden locations on your property and in your building. This will Let people know it's being watched as well as catch people if they destroy the

obvious cameras. Having a safe security system could save you lots of hassle.

Light burn/inadequate lighting- This one happens with lots of people especially when trying a new setup or lighting system. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 33W per plant. This means if you have a 300W light and 3 teen plants you should have your light ⅓ strength and slowly increase over several weeks. Leaves that are crisp on the edge or curled upwards are light burned and need the light reduced.

Unhealthy Ventilation- a grow room or tent should be able to exchange all of the air in the room/tent in a maximum of 5 minutes. Plants can suffocate in their own air similar to us. Most small to medium grow rooms would only need a 4-6 inch exhaust.

Forgetting to PH- Another vital aspect in the health of the cannabis plant is PH level. Too acidic or alkaline water will stop your plant from taking up any more nutrients. 7 is considered neutral. The optimal PH level for marijuana is between 6-7.

Harvesting too early or late- When looking to harvest there is a very fine window of opportunity. Harvest too early and you miss out on the potential THC%, but harvest too late and your THC starts to turn into CBN. Trichomes begin being clear yet they have the most THC when they become milky in color. Trichomes start to degrade and convert into CBN when they become amber.

These were just a few common mistakes that many growers including myself have made. There are countless more. Leave a comment below if you’d like to see another easy mistakes blog. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful please like and subscribe. Have any questions or comments? Please contact us below and we will try our best to answer.

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